you are enough

Discover Your Greatest Gift & Get Paid What You're Worth​

You're smart enough, ambitious enough, beautiful enough and experienced enough to have everything that you deeply desire.

But you keep second guessing yourself and allowing your past, pressure and other people keep you from putting yourself out there and going for what you want. 

The world is hungry for your gifts and ready to hear your powerful voice.

And I'll show you how to give yourself permission to be unashamedly all that you are so you can put yourself out there and do your greatest work.

Need a confidence boost?

Download my free gift to you. A checklist of 10 confidence triggers to instantly boost your confidence today so you can start emerging out of your shell. 

​Raise your hand if you:

  • Have been through difficult life experiences that left you feeling betrayed, ashamed, rejected, abandoned,afraid,angry,hurt and alone

  • Because of that you shut down and withdrew into your shell to protect yourself from getting hurt further

  • But now you’re craving something more in your life : more money, more fun, more freedom, more fulfilment, more love, more intimacy, more connection and more joy

  • And you need to confidently put yourself out there again, take risks and ask for what you truly want (not what someone else wants for you)

  • But you’re afraid of rejection,criticism and being judged

  • So you hold yourself back and turn down amazing opportunities because they are outside your comfort zone

  • And deep inside you silently feel unhappy, less than, resentful, unfulfilled, trapped, stuck, lonely and sometimes depressed.

Take a deep breath sweetheart,

You deserve a successful, joyful, fulfilling life you love, not a life filled with stress,worry, loneliness, overwhelm and anxiety about your future.

You deserve to feel confident and unstoppable so you can go for what you want and get it, not second guessing yourself all the time and feeling less than because you are different.

You deserve to be paid what you are truly worth, not settling for peanuts because you're afraid to ask.

And I can take you there........

My name is Priscilla Okwaro- Misaki. I started this site and my coaching business to help amazing women like you transform their self image from "I'm not enough" to "I'm enough" and all the way to "I'm more than enough" so they give themselves permission to put themselves out there and get everything they desire. 

​I started my personal growth and development journey 8 years ago which has allowed me to break out of my shell over and over again, do work that I love and confidently put myself out there in the world as a pageant queen, published author, blogger and women's empowerment coach. My work helps women make meaningful lasting changes in their lives from the inside out.

Ready to stop allowing your past, pressure and other people keep you from putting yourself out there and get everything you desire?