you are enough

Find Your True Value, Get Paid What You Deserve and Finally Put An End To Money Stress...... Once and For All

I'll show you how to give yourself permission to be unashamedly all that you are so you can:

  • Confidently ask for what you deserve and get it .....without stressing
  • Overcome your money pain so you can invite more of it into your life with ease, joy and grace 
  • Transform your relationship with money so you can break free from the generational curse of poverty, scarcity and struggle and live up to your fullest potential

You deserve a successful, joyful, fulfilling life you love, not a life filled with stress,worry, loneliness, overwhelm and anxiety about money.

You deserve to feel confident and unstoppable so you can go for what you want and get it, not second guessing yourself all the time and feeling less than because you are different.

You deserve to be paid what you are truly worth, not settling for peanuts because you're afraid to ask.

And I can take you there........

My name is Priscilla Okwaro- Misaki. I started this site and my coaching business to help amazing women like you heal and transform their money story so they can break free from the cycle of under earning.  

My work helps women make meaningful lasting changes in their lives  from the inside out so they can proudly and fully share their purpose with the world.

Ready to stop allowing your past, pressure and other people keep you from getting paid what you deserve?